Would Your Business Grow If You Could Quickly Replicate The Taste Of New York Water?

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It’s true… New York pizza (or bagels, or pretzels, or whateva) cannot be made with ANY other water in the world, other than New York City water. In fact, many of the top restaurants pay to have New York City ice shipped in so they can offer the same taste in California, Texas, even Canada!

What’s worse, calculate in gas prices for shipping and the degraded taste of the water during shipment and the end product is still probably only 80% there. But what if your free city water could be instantly changed into the exact structure, mineral content, and TASTE as New York City Water… and ultra purified so the taste is there, and no bacteria or chemicals end up in your food!

Our science team created a small machine that fits in any kitchen, conveniently attaches to your wall so there’s no valuable space lost, and converts ALMOST any city water into the same taste as any other city you can think of (think: New York bagels, or French pastries, or even Belgian lager made fresh in any city at any time).

Take this free 2 minute quiz and find out if your city water is convertible to New York tasting water too…