Water Replication

New York WaterMaker has changed how food establishments operate by putting them back in control of the original taste of their recipes. In fact our patent-pending water replication system can replicate the taste of ANY water from ANY city around the globe (think: New York bagels, or French pastries, or even Belgian lager made fresh in any city at any time).

It doesn’t make a difference whether you own a bistro, a bakery, a brewery… the water you use determines the end taste of your product and whether your customers will keep coming back for more.

“no matter how many different recipes we tried, and no matter how many different chefs we brought in, the most important aspect of our best tasting pizza is the water. The NYWM system gave us back the taste of my family recipes that our customers love so much.”

The single greatest challenge that franchisers have is consistency in taste. In fact, many franchises spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ship water and ice from cities like NYC, just so they can replicate the taste of NYC pizza and bagels.


Because there is no place in the culinary world like New York City. From the famous and impossible to replicate pizza and bagels to the high-end 3-star Michelin restaurants, NYC is the pinnacle of the culinary world. The New York WaterMaker is the first and ONLY system that allows you to replicate the taste of ANY city water and displace existing water filtration and purification systems, all in one small unit.

We help food taste better, what’s your superpower?

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