Revolutionary technology for making great tasting, crispy pizza!

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Affordable, Turnkey Water Replication System that Enables Pizza Businesses and Franchises to Replicate Water from Any City to Make the Best Tasting Pizza.

What is NYWM:

New York WaterMaker is the first and ONLY system that allows pizzerias, pizza businesses, and franchises to replicate the exact profile and taste of ANY city water and displace existing water filtration and purification systems, all in one small unit (3ft x 2ft x 17in).  

Pizza franchises and businesses can now create REAL NYC pizza from any location in the world, and ensure consistent pizza taste across multiple locations and regions.

For an inside look at why water from New York tastes so good, and why it is ideal for pizza, check out this YouTube video: 

  • Perfect solution for new pizzerias, pizza franchises and businesses

  • Embraced by renowned pizza and bakery artisans worldwide 

  • Converts local tap water to the ideal water profile for pizza, or can be tailored to any profile you want

  • Customized solution with quick turnaround 

  • Have your business spotlighted in our social media channels and be part of our media relations outreach efforts for added exposure

  • Affordable monthly fee with short ROI & immediate positive cash flow.  The NYWM makes you money!

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We installed a New York WaterMaker in our state-of-the-art dough room at the North American Pizza & Culinary Academy because we know how important water is as an ingredient in dough and pizza,” said Master Istruttore, PFC Leo Spizzirri.  “To make great pizza, you need all of the finest ingredients and water is one of the main ingredients in any pizza recipe. You need great dough to make great pizza, and you need ideal water to make great dough.  The importance of water as an ingredient cannot be understated, and New York WaterMaker delivers perfect water for pizza dough every time, and in every location.” – Leo Spizzirri

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“After six months of trying various recipes and techniques, I fell short every time. But after doing research, I discovered New York WaterMaker,” said Charlie Cohen, owner, Brooklyn Bagels and Brooklyn Pizzeria, Virginia Beach, VA. “When making bagels with New York water instead of Virginia Beach water, our bagels average 6.5-6.7 ounces each while our competitors weigh in at only 3 ounces. The texture, taste, and the color are also significantly improved; it makes a huge difference!” – Charlie Cohen

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New York WaterMaker is finally letting us make authentic NY pizza all over the world,” Mike Burke, Owner at Denino’s Tavern. – Mike Burke

Water is a MAIN ingredient in your pizza dough. 

Learn how ideal water will help your pizza business Explode and increase profits and stand out today!

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